1. eelrak:


    Seven sins wig project - complete!

    Now to make outfits for them all and do a shoot with all my beautiful friends uwu


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  2. kokorokristin:

    I’m back at school now so things are going to be a little quiet on the cosplay progress front (33 days til NYCC) but right before I left I made my mom take some pictures of my butt my Ms. Marvel costume. We just went out on to our balcony, but since we’re in New York it’s still technically character appropriate. Holla at ya NYC girls!

    You’re such a babe, I’m crying. The costume looks incredible! Is it NYCC yet because we need to be in Marvel costumes together right now.

  3. shnou:

    felicisrook took some lovely photos of the Captain America and Iron Man shoes I made for myself last fall!  I love these shoes so much—so comfy!  I painted the heels with nail polish for extra gloss.  

    I haven’t made any decoupage shoes in a while but I still have one more pair I need to make: crazy punk Lobo heels.  It will happen.

    I have a pair of Fantastic Four wedges shnou made for me and they’re my favorite shoes in the world. <3 SO MUCH TALENT.


  4. "We are very excited to announce today that ReedPOP, the folks behind New York Comic Con and several other fan conventions, have asked us for help with their harassment policy. We’d like to take it one step further and ask for YOUR input as well. Find out how you can help!"

    New York Comic Con Has Asked Us To Help Draft Their Harassment Policy! | The Mary Sue (via themarysue)

    Yoooo this is awesome, go help the Mary Sue make NYCC better! :D

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  5. Labor Day Giveaway


    It’s been a while since my last giveaway, so for Labor Day I have decided to giveaway the book I most recently reviewed:

    On The Books by Greg Farrell


    This Comic is super funny and informative, and it would be great is more people knew about what was going on with the Strand Book Sellers.


    • Have to be following me
    • reblogs count, likes do not although by all means like away
    • unfortunately you do have to be living in the United States. I’m super broke and shipping fees are hell… I seriously am sorry about this but I have started paying back my student loans so…

    The Giveaway goes from now Tuesday August 19th 2014 - Monday September 1st 2014

    hok good luck everybody!

  6. weirdoqueen:

    "Hmph. Big-shot lawyers, huh?"

    Character: Aura Blackquill

    Series: Ace Attorney

    Cosplayer: weirdoqueen

    Photographer: Tommyish


  7. gailsimone:



    (Power Girl, Huntress, Black Canary, GAIL SIMONE, Lady Blackhawk, Misfit, Black Alice)

    I was at NYCC, and had had long lines the entire time, it was very crowded, and I was in the signing zone. Hubby, #rocketspouse saw Misfit coming down the aisle through the crowd and said, “honey, look! It’s Misfit!”

    So I look, and I get a big smile. Then I see Huntress. Then Black Alice.

    By the time the whole team showed up, I cried a little. :)

    (i’m not crying you’re crying)

    Gail Simone, you were absolutely the highlight of a great day at the con, thank you SO much for taking the time to grab photos and a hug with us and for signing everything we brought and for just basically being incredibly lovely.

  8. felicisrook:

    Like the view? It’s about the only thing you’re going to catch tonight.

    Selina Kyle - kokorokristin
    Photography - felicisrook

    Actual Catwoman Kristin oh my goshhhhh

  9. azimedes:

    I went and did a silly shoot in the woods yesterday with my friends in our Dragon’s Dogma costumes.  I really enjoy wearing Madeleine, as it’s one of the few costumes I have where I can look and act like a total goofball.  

    Madeleine - azimedes
    Arisen - blatsuura
    Photography - megananncosplay

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  10. kokorokristin:

    Who wants to be the Hercules to my Hippolyta? You must find misandry an aphrodisiac. 

    Cosplayer: kokorokistin

    Photography: felicisrook

    That armor tho.