1. shnou:


    Wonder Girl: latveriansewingsociety
    Robin: shnou
    Photography compliments of GameFront

    Look at these nerds. <3

  2. stay-outta-hells-kitchen:

    Some amazing cosplays from NYCC this weekend. I do not know these people. If you see yourself, or someone you know, and you do not want your picture up, I will absolutely take it down. I am posting these pictures with the utmost respect and praise, every costume that I saw this weekend was great.
    1. Crocodile and Black Beard (One Piece)
    2. Sabo, donflamingo and Mihawk (One Piece)
    3. Hawkeye, Widow, Pepper Pots and Tony Stark (Marvel)
    4. Breakdancing Deadpool (Marvel)
    5. Daredevil and Kingpin (Marvel)
    6. Arrow, Canary, Barman and Red Good (DC)
    7. New Ms. Marvel (Marvel)
    8. Power rangers
    9. Green Goblin and Spidey (Marvel)
    10. Scarlet Witch and original Ms. Marvel (Marvel)

    Now I’d like to point out the New Ms. Marvel in this picture. I love the public’s reaction to Kamala Khan. She is such a neat character, and the woman I took a picture was so thrilled to be dressed up as her, she got the part perfectly. I want more characters like her in the future.

    That’s me and kokorokristin sexy posing on the stairs in the last picture!

  3. nothingbutcomics:

    Two of a kind …

    #cosplay #2014 #NYCC #Black Cat #Catwoman #comics #photo #DC #Marvel

    I’m Black Cat and kokorokristin is Catwoman! Thanks for the photo!

  4. kokorokristin:

    Kitten on the catwalk, high-heeled shoes

    Catwoman // Black Cat // Photographer

  5. azimedes:

    My Fiona good costume ended up on Kotaku along with several friends. :) Photo complements of CosplayBoom (Facebook.com/cosplayboom).

    Hot damn

  6. gatsbyadventures:

    I found a gnome in the garden.

    (via azimedes)

  7. shnou:

    Hilarious picture of my Tim Drake/Robin costume from our Young Justice group on Gothamist!

    this is my very favorite photo

  8. kokorokristin:

    me, latveriansewingsociety/wonder girl, and weirdoqueen/empress in the bottom right!

    Thanks for snapping our photo!

    (Source: coreyhayesphoto)

  9. shnou:


    The ORIGINAL Young Justice w/ series writer Peter David and series artist Todd Nauck

    source [X] (if anyone has credits for any of the cosplayers let me know and I’ll credit them!)

    Latvarian Sewing as Wonder Girl
    kokorokristin as Arrowette
    shnou as Robin

    lovejoker as Impulse, fumeister as Secret, weirdoqueen as Empress, greekburrito as Slobo, extremelele as Superboy.  Thanks so much for sharing!  This group was so much fun and meeting Todd and Peter was a phenomenal experience, I could not have asked for a better con.  We’ll have more pics from our photographer soon!

    Definitely one of the biggest highlights of the con! I’m so glad we got to do these costumes at a con where we could go see Peter David and Todd Nauck, it absolutely made the whole day. <3

  10. kokorokristin:

    NYCC Friday report: we started with sexy cosplay photos of me and latveriansewingsociety and ended with me crying over the swimming anime merchandise in the dealers hall.

    Today Kristin and I looked super great xoxo also I said I wasn’t going to shop and then I bought Star Trek earrings.